Creation Date Faction(s) Name Creator Description Rating
(maybe coming soon)
2018-03-28 Sbabbari Nanitudine Barbarian test 1 - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-15 SP Cyclops Constructs V1 Gnomes Boost, tinker, ect - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-15 SP Cyclops Wardrummer Gnomes Fill the board with MEAT - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-15 Magic Crush Poxrooster This build is centered on Magic Amp. The idea is to get out Magic Amp champs, avoid confrontation, and hit from range. Bullseye and Ancestral Anger help with the damage output. Bane takes care of one offs. The equips give alt damage. - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-15    Collective KB Monks MaruXV blinding reflection into southern wave combo (illusion monks do count for it) - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-15 VolleyHat MaruXV ST equips with yetis and lonx. Pretty much a combo bg where your champ pilfer and throw equips to gain tons of AP and dmg. On the late game, getting depression on all your champs by removing hats reduces enemy's dmg a lot, while your champs build up... - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-14    IS/SL traps kokon3 it's not easy to play and win :P - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-14 SP Slags Baby Gnomes My current iteration of meta slags, added two baby slags. So, this style is a bit more proactive and better in the early/mid game. and still has a great late game, just no where near as strong as the above bg. With this bg you change the upgrades ... - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-14 Slags Oozing Gnomes "Oozing Slag" as the name implies focuses on the champion Oozing Slag. The idea of this bg is to Delay the enemy while you have your oozing slag cohort at the back replicating and healing up. Replicate is on a 5 turn cooldown and after 2 replicates(a... - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-14 Poison-Combo Salamans MaruXV Salamans bg focused on poison dmg and on the temple-globule combo. - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-14    FS/FW Zombie Collective MaruXV Collective bg that plays on zombies being different races. augment creation from lichmage + collective bonus turns zombies in heavy hitters, and the fs heal and nora gain tools make this bg's lategame quite powerful - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2018-03-14    KF/SP Vashal Zoo MaruXV vashals supporting big magnified norashielded beasts - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-28 Amareth's Conclave Etherielin Pros: - Lots of Alt damage - Lots of non-basic attacks - Scales greatly to late game - Lots of Crowd Control Cons: - Squishy in early game - Vulnerable to knockback - Few tanky melees - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-28 ST Frost Amp MogaBait Pros: Everything ; Cons: No Dispel Source - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-28 SL Acid Amp MogaBait FF SL Acid Amplify BG - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-28 PoolFun MaruXV Prison Lock BG. Ethereal Pool bg with draw lock (darkness-setback-delay) to prevent pool destruction by deploy, and continous damage with slaves. Finish with twins and or concealer. Very draw dependant but potentially unstoppable. - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-28 FS Salaman MogaBait Pros: Anti-Summons, Anti-Spells, Burst Damage, Mid-Late Game Scaling, Rewarding ; Cons: Branching Maps, Anti-Relics, Anti-Equips, High Learning & Mastery Curves, Highly Technical, Extreme Micromanagement - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-28 UD Minotaur MogaBait Pros: Early Game, Mobility, Offensive Spell Set, Melee ; Cons: Late Game, Range, Cleanse, Control - Donation Level 0/$150 -
2017-12-27    Hermaios's 2017 SP/ST meta Hermaios The BG that got Hermaios an impressive 197/200 win streak. - Donation Level 0/$150 -