Champions in Battlegroup: 8

Name Min-Range
∅ 1
∅ 1
∅ 0.13
∅ 5.25
∅ 5.25
∅ 37.5
∅ 52
Captive Lorekeeper x2 1 1 0 4 0 26 32
Redcap Twins x2 1 1 1 6 7 48 67
Scorched Dwarf x2 1 1 0 4 4 30 40
Stitched Concealer x2 1 1 0 7 10 46 69
Spells Spells in Battlegroup: 15
Name Description Nora-Cost
Banish x2 Target enemy champion without Planar Bound and any equipment on it are returned to their owner's rune dock with a two turn cooldown. At the start of the owner's next turn, the player gains nora equal to the costs of the runes. The nora refund is unaffected by reducing effects. 40
Darkness x2 Each player's non-deployed Runes (excluding this one) become concealed. Then each player's Rune Dock is shuffled. 30
Delay x2 For 10 turns, when an opposing champion would be deployed, it instead goes on cooldown for 4 turns. That player is not charged any nora for the deployment during this effect. This effect is hidden until triggered. 25
Doom Target champion without Short Lived gains Short Lived 1. This cannot be Cleansed. 50
Eye for an Eye x2 Target real friendly champion you own loses 16 HP and the closest opposing champion within 8 spaces loses 8 HP. Both also becomes Blinded. 30
Protect the Nest 6 Spiderling eggs are spawned within 4 spaces of your Shrine or Avatar. After a 2 turn delay, at the beginning your opponent's turn, one of these relics is removed from play, and Spiderling champion under your control is summoned in its place . 30
Setback x2 Target unit's controller has 15 random undeployed runes in the runedock concealed. 35
Soul Corruption Target champion gains Corrupted Soul (At the end of 5 turns, target champion becomes Possessed). Corrupted Soul cannot be cleansed, but Possessed remains cleansable. 55
Spell Trap x2 Next time an opposing spell is cast, their Shrine or Avatar loses 10 HP. This effect is hidden until triggered. 20

Equipments in Battlegroup: 0
No equipment runes in your battlegroup

Relics in Battlegroup: 7
Corpse-a-Pult This unit has Fling Corpse 55
Defiling Spinel This relic has Nora Gem (This unit is a Nora Gem. It gains the abilities of any friendly relic with Nora Gem within 6 spaces.) and Defiling Luminesence (When this unit is deployed and at the start of its turns, opposing champions within 4 spaces become Cursed 2 and Defiled 2). 30
Ethereal Pool x2 Champions deployed from the runedock after this relic is in play have Scornful (When this unit is deployed, its owner's Shrine or Avatar loses 3 HP. At the beginning of your turns, your Shrine or Avatar loses 3 HP while this champion is in play) while this relic is in play. This relic loses 25% of its MAX HP (rounded up) whenever a champion is deployed. 40
Grim Well This unit has Grim Aura (Opposing champions moving within 3 spaces of this unit lose all AP). 30
Mason's Spire x2 Friendly relics within 8 spaces of this one have +10 MAX HP. Relics and equipment you deploy receive a 10% nora refund. This effect does not stack. 25